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As health plans and care delivery entities, such as patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs), become increasingly responsible for managing risk and improving quality care for high-impact conditions, diagnostic errors are taking their toll.

Misdiagnoses due to human error and system fragmentation undermines patients' physical and emotional wellbeing, frustrates caregivers and places a significant financial burden on the entire health care system. Preventable medical errors and their subsequent care requirements are estimated to cost the U.S. between $17 billion and $29 billion each year.

The need for change is enormous. 

Second opinions have been cited as a Top 10 Solution for reducing diagnostic error, but less than 30% of Americans actually get one. While many patients feel confident in their doctors' diagnosis, some face barriers like finding other in-network providers, paying for care or time challenges.

Not only does Best Doctors' Expert Second Opinion service, InterConsultation, address the issues, it has impressive results:

  • 42% of cases resulted in a change of diagnosis
  • 78% were recommended  a change in treatment
  • $36,000 average savings per case 
  • 93% average member satisfaction

Best Doctors has a proven, proprietary and collaborative solution to combat misdiagnosis. By downloading the white paper, you'll understand how Best Doctors:

  • Keeps patients in-network
  • Enables cost containment beyond traditional approaches
  • Identifies high-impact cases using clinically intelligent methodology

To learn more about how you can reduce diagnostic error in your programs, Download the Best Doctors white paper, Combating the Human and Financial Impact of Diagnostic Error.